Monday, September 20, 2010

Finally... An Update! Dec '09 - Feb '10

After some motivation to update the blog, I am finally doing it! It has been way too long, and I keep going back and forth between doing well on keeping it up, and having a really hard time with it! Lately, it's been more of a laziness and lack of making time factor. But oh well! There is so much that has happened the past couple months! I'll hit the highlights of each month, and then get to some details of more recent events!

Dec '09
Bryan and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! Craziness! As usual, he provided me with some AWESOME, bright flowers! He has such good taste!
We also had some fun parties that we attended and hosted, with great company as always! Jan 2010
January wasn't too exciting of a month, as far as I remember anyway! I did throw a baby shower for my friend Elise though! It was fun, but a bit crazy trying to get everything done and ready.

The best thing ever started this month though, and it has made me SO happy! I started fostering kitties and helping out with cat adoptions for Four Paws Rescue. The first little cutie I fostered now belongs to my mom, and she is such a funny girl. Her name is Chloe. I love and miss that girl, but am so glad to know that she is in such a great home! And yes, she is OBSESSED with water! She loves running water, and getting wet.


This month Bryan had some fun!
From getting dirty in the garage,
to taking apart and putting together a laptop,
and making my Valentine's Day a wonderful one,
he kept himself really busy!

We got a second foster kitten, named Indy. He was a fun little playmate for Chloe! We finally got my buddy from Spokane to come and hang out at our house as well! He and Bryan played some Wii, which is always a great "bonding tool" : )

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